Lydia Cacho - 2016


Lydia Cacho, Infamy (2016) Soft Skull Press, English

A Mexican journalist bravely sets precedent in the highest court in targeting corruption and influence pedaling.
Many journalists in Mexico have been targeted for assassination, and many more have colluded with the corrupt Mafia rings that buy them off so they will water down the news rather than give the hard-hitting truth. Couragoeus El Universal journalist Cacho (Slavery Inc: The Untold Story of International Sex Trafficking, 2014, etc.) famously took on the pedophile and child-pornography ring of Jean Succar Kuri and all those in power protecting him (including judges from the highest court and the governor of Puebla) and got the criminal jailed for good in 2011. However, the toll on her journalistic integrity nearly broke her, as she recounts in this detailed look at the Kuri pedophilia case that began in 2003, when one of the young victims first appealed to Cacho, an editor and director of a women’s care center, for help.
Her investigations led to a damning book, Demons of Eden (2005), based on much videotaping and interviews that Kuri himself made about having sex with girls as young as 5. However, in a horrific incidence of kidnapping, Cacho was actually arrested and taken to Puebla, where she was charged with defamation, all at the irate behest of the state’s governor, Mario Marín. As the case unraveled and Cacho scrambled to find a team to defend her, the miscarriage of justice routinely taking place within Mexico’s criminal justice system was stunning, stemming from the exorbitant power that Mexico’s governors exercise through what Cacho calls “metaconstitutional mechanisms.”
The author received frequent death threats and had to hire her own security detail, but the combined resolve she inherited from her fiery family and the determination to avenge the abused children led her on a remarkable, solitary crusade for justice.
An important record of the incremental steps one journalist took against sexual violence in Mexico.

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“Anger is an indispensable response that pushes us to move from that place where violence does not hurt; Indignation is the next step to overcome the fear of being trapped in fear. Whoever remains in anger, not only suffers, eventually perpetuates the violence of which he was a victim.” - Lydia Cacho